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A wizard appears that asks you where to store the decompressed file.Specify a location and go through the wizard to complete decompression.Select the folder that contains the files you want to protect using the Address bar near the top of the window. Click the Add button to display the Archive Name and Parameters dialog.Change the name of the archive from the Archive name field and click the ZIP radio button in the Archive Format section to create a ZIP file. Optionally, change the compression method from the Compression Method drop-down box and select different options -- such as automatically deleting files after archiving, or testing the archived files -- from the Archiving Options section.

Choose "Extract All Files" in the Folder Tasks pane of the window..

Optionally, change the compression level and method before creating the archive.

Compression levels and methods affect the size of the resulting archive.

We´ve already seen each other and we phone very often.

Although Windows 7 and 8.1 can create archives natively, they do not ship with an application that can protect and archive a password.

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