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An employment ban, labour ban, work permit ban are all different terms for the same thing are not allowed to work in the UAE for a certain period of time.That means: Except for UAE national citizens (and GCC nationals for the most part), all residents need permission from the UAE government (the Ministry of Immigration or equivalent) to live in Dubai and the UAE or visit the UAE.Each emirate has their own immigration department so it is possible the rules vary slightly but for the most part they are consistent in each emirate.It may be possible to avoid a ban, or lift a ban by paying a fee, if you transfer from one sponsor to another.This is different from cancelling your residence visa and work permit, then applying for a new visa and labour card.If you get a 1 year employment ban, there are conflicting reports about whether you can visit the UAE or not.

Other reports and comments indicate it is possible to lift a ban on payment of AED 500 per month of remaining contract duration if leaving before the end of a limited period contract.

For example, many sources will tell you even if you get a labour ban, you don't need to worry if you get a job in a free zone in the UAE since the UAE Labour Law doesn't apply in free zones.

It is dangerous for your career to assume that is correct.

As well as permission to visit or live in the UAE, all non-Emirati workers also need permission to work, and the UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL) is in charge of issuing work permits (or labour cards) to working expats, except for maids who have their work permits processed at the Immigration Department.

This is all covered in more detail in the pages about Dubai maid visas, Working in the UAE, and UAE visas but the above summary is repeated here as an introduction.

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Each free zone is different in the UAE and you need to confirm with the one you are applying to if that advice applies.

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