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Rumours of a comeback have circulated for years, but last week brought confirmation that a new album will be released in May.Called simply 'A’, it will feature ten tracks, including a duet with Take That’s Gary Barlow, and arrives at a time when her old outfit – the band the pop purists of the 1970s most liked to snigger at – is bigger than ever.No one knows how her comeback will unfold, but when we see her again we can at least say a proper thank you for the music.Although she has made a name for herself as a solo artist in Sweden, Agnetha Fältskog will always be best known as a member of ‘ABBA’, one of the most commercially successful and internationally adored pop bands of all time.Agnetha had always felt herself to be the odd one out in Abba.She lacked the confidence and the vigour of the others, her English was less fluent, her poise less assured, and when the band became a global phenomenon in the mid-Seventies she felt unable to establish a distinct personality.

He apparently moved to Sweden to be nearer to and the pair began a relationship that lasted two years.

Into the void stumbled the bizarre figure of Gert van der Graaf, a bespectacled Dutch factory worker.

Abba fans first became aware of his existence in 2003 when Agnetha complained to the police that she was being stalked by a maniac, and was in “fear of my life”.

Then, one night at a small town concert in Sweden, she met a hairy guitarist called Björn Ulvaeus, joined his band, married him, and became a world famous wreck.

Agnetha’s long, troubled stint as a pop recluse has, over the years, become as much a subject of fascination as her work with Abba.

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But it comes and goes."With a new album entitled A the 62-year-old explained that she had to take some time away from the public eye before making more music."I felt I must have a little peace and tranquillity.