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abandanad hto application for pub- ic atatamanta ragardlns prtcaa paid ^nd ncetrad by vmrtoua dalrlaa tor THE dtctoiooa roaehad at the Parto Peaea Oenf Manoa. wlil W tldf last li a very part M otta, tt weud be mni T than Ino OBBnletb If I omitted liif programme of Woodrow Wilson for tlir JStahl Uhmrnt of some new iry.strrri of wurld ordrr which would 1 niiikc iriipus.sib'r anothrr world war. With iu twenty millions o X dead, the proposal for a liiaafa «( ahtid Ba -An this that I have said, and much more, wan the taak to be done within a few nionth.s iift .ipr^k. Western traf- fic manager for the Oteat Northern Ra Uway at Seattle, la spending » few days in the city with his bride Bound for Alaskan porta, the Pa- cific Steamship Company's veasel Dorothy Alexander arrtvel at Rlthet piers at o'clock yesterday after- noon und .sailed at 6 o'clock w Mh a full pa.K'fr of tourists. The return trip w 111 be made from Port Angeles at 6 o'clock, ar- riving back hi Victoria at IM o'clock. WHh Stale- reo M far 141 With a spe/'ial pa H' oi Puce.

Uaioo ataamahlpa Bvtrr Pflday fraai Vancouver at • p m . Aoyox, Btrwart, etc Vaareaver-Orean Fai U-Prlnfr Baaert Weekly. itaa (Pae Ulo BBVOh T BBTWAM — Olaar; north' 30 77 : 00: llaht rwell PACHCNA Pan rioudy.

no5 -Colonel House, Lord Robert Cecil, Oonaral amuto, Bourgeou (former Prteo Minister of Prance). played at part tn the ereattan of the "TTir nthrr however, played O treat er part HLs po Mtlon of poli- ■1 ^\ rciwrr his unswerving idealism and hl,^ nsi^'^rvo \n putting the Oovenan' ' "na i' nf Nation^ Info file trrai,e- ,' pr*re junlifr for him thr ittlr that he is accorded on that bronse tablet set up by the shore of Lake Oeneva. The big pastels of Coast Inlet eoen»-iy by H Dik ". One of Mbis Donald's htii works, however, ii Number 47. Wal- ter Nleho L " a beautiful Ut of rt- tous yet orderly eolar, in which discovered Canterbury bells, an irregular circle * of delphiniums, tulips and other glowing tlower.s; the outline of the house lodged high against ihr ' l.s .1 portrait poster, ni 'ri Ole for i.s grace of line and gen- erally design lier ' Cover Design for Fairy Tales' i Number 80' l.s distinguished, and it .seems to be in this field that she does her flnest work. gl and (6 are also Imaginative he Illustration for "A Little Olrl with Shining Bye.i Crut M," is a beautilui watei ■ . The rarely-used but very eflee Uve Oiedlum of tempera is employed by the artist with remarkably good re- sults In two i Mctores, one of the Reformed Episcopal Church, Vic- oria Ml. oard held In tht- British Columbia Worsted Mills, Ltd . "This Is t he firs t venture of its kind on the Pacific Coast.

"The founder Of the Leagwgf Continued from Page 1 homesteads the flames, if they con- tinued to attmd, were VMty to wipe then out, With the help of a U thoee ava U- abla the housee which lay on the upper side of the roadway and In greater danger, were emptied and the contents taken to the barn of M; \',ii:a(l which wa.s in le.s.s danger. Mr Waiie had ( ome to the farm only about u wn k ago, moving from Albert. Ite ehk M wfll aat i FMi Carratt, Larga Mead Let Cboka Toa Mt POULTRY 25c I ^Ji-'ii-i^^'-ase KOASTINO FOWL* par lb. Hobm on selse the aiifntion uuiiifcliutfly i- • on in tne gallery. i^Ke t :.i:ice of their coloring, typical oi Uie keen blues ol water, moun- tain and sky along the British Co- lumbia Coast, and a definite style and slm Uanty of subject set this group apart as the work of one man Anyone who loves the sap- ;.! complete* a ' very charming study Some of ihl.s ■rtlst s old-world subjects are very harming, notably two bridge scenes Numbers 7 and 18 oth; conveying one to the heart of a wood to the vitch's house in Hansel and Oretel. "Spume." is nothing but curling peacock -colored wave, but very attractive. Theie i.s no doubt but that it will forge ahead Like all pioneer \entures m the commerc ial world thrre are dtfflciil- ties which he surmounted, but we .shall overcome theui of that we have no doubt Nothing stand.s in our way to progre.s.s which causes us alarm.

This, how- ever, died down to some extent be- fore 11 o'cl. who had been engaged in assisting in the work elsewhere, aided as he obtained a supply of mattocks and axes so that n M '' as soon barrd eiiv^r to thr "in the fire lireak which h,.: I ,, made higher up the hill under the auperlntandinoe of Mr. Plre Ranger Otrllng had a supply of hooa and a pump, but the looality where the Are kroka out, eome ele^fen miles from the city. A total of 2..'521 votes were cast out of 2.964 on the ILst Borden polled i..-)38: Mc Lean 1.183; njaotad tor^- eight; 4«ral. LEG OF LOCAL LAMB, per tb SHOULDER LOCAL LAMB, prr fli PURE f ORK MAO' SAO% per Ib TOMATO SAUSAOR. These three things are great contributing factors to the success of any project of the kind." Mr. Following h Ls address in which he told of Ills experiences m India and Africa file realtors were sh OWn over the plant, and the o|)eratker In ( anada at S. an in- crease of 1M.000 over the estimate for last year. in Mellow S^n- ^ ^»28 re.spectivelv : Meuow sun p^j^.^^.^ Edward Island 86 700- 86,400 •Nova . an average of 158,000 per year ' This period included tlie war ywan. Sup- pose, darling, that you try your hand at making your own riorhes'' 8he— Oh.

' I ich made thr danger ;iii.: • ncouraged the workers who were engaged in check- ing the nuh of the flames. George Woodruff, who livas in the iminediate neighborhood, was due no small .sliare of praise for or Kani/iii K a gang of men about the place and takmu charge of thr oprrations that flnallv stopped the advance of the flames into a strip of rather more heavily wooded land near the farmhouses, and kept the ravages of the fire to the roelqr ele- vation. Is nhso lutely lacking in any water .supply that could be used for thr purpfise. n Kaslo-Slocan riding, according to offldal count today.

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