How to stop dating jerks dating tnt ru

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How to stop dating jerks

And sometimes, they’ll stick with these guys even after they themselves have been betrayed.

Start with Huma Abedin, who is still married to the disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner whose pornographic selfies and dalliances with women online were tabloid fodder for months last year, and go all the way back to the marital travails of Abedin’s former boss, Hillary Clinton. Smart women with high-profile careers are called hypocrites, traitors to the sisterhood, or at very least deluded because of their loyalty to men who are not good to women and for putting their own careers at risk as a result.

Assholes manage to leave a person feeling so mistreated and confused by the end of a relationship.The latest in this line is Lis Smith, a talented political strategist who ran the Obama campaign’s rapid response team and was most recently New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s top campaign spokesperson.Thanks to the New York Post, she’s now better known as the 31-year-old who supposedly frolicked topless in a Caribbean hot tub with Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York and failed comptroller candidate who famously humiliated his wife and his supporters by frequenting prostitutes.Assholes have mastered the art of placing women low on their list of priorities, all while still being around just enough to make them feel too needy in a relationship. While you want to have a guy's attention, some guys will hold that over you like pizza on a treadmill.So make sure you look out for the difference between a guy being occasionally busy and just permanently unavailable whenever you need him.

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But women just seem to set themselves up for a challenge when dating a douche.