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I especially like its automatic suggestion as you type and its ability to conjugate (regular and irregular) verbs in a search (e.g.

searching for quepa in Spanish will direct you to the verb to fit”, as well as tell you what conjugation quepa is of this verb and give a link to its full conjugation table).

We have collected and documented over 360,000 signs, but much work remains and we are constantly working on quality improvement.

In the time it takes me to go get a big fat dictionary, and flick through the pages for a particular entry (which may not even be there), I could have looked up several words on several sites, and even read a bit of the Wikipedia article for the term, all through free online sites that are just as good or usually much better than their printed equivalents.

You can read those entries in the other language if you wish, but sometimes the title of the entry is all you need; especially once you have confirmed that the entry you originally came to is in the right context (e.g.

there are two main ways of looking at the English word “nail”; what is at the end of your fingers, and what you hit with a hammer, each with very different translations).

If the base dictionary doesn't have the term you are looking for, unless it's really obscure, it's likely that someone else will have asked about it in the forums and there will be a link to that discussion for you to read.

You can of course ask the question yourself if you sign up for a free account.

It is less extensive, but is constantly improving for.Note that most of these are actually technical dictionaries (apart from Wordreference), so they may not be so useful for looking up basic words and would thus not suit beginner to intermediate learners.For legal, economic, medical, litherary, political, technological, financial, scientific, industrial etc.Just searching for all the words directly will give an “OR” result, which is not useful for set phrases. Depending on the word you wish to translate, this may be the most appropriate source.Example translations are given and you can search by category.

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Wikipedia is already well known as the free online encyclopedia, but did you know that it is also an essential tool for many translators?